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Sinus infections (sinusitis) are one of the top infectious illnesses that affect patients each year. Most cases stem from the same viruses that cause the common cold, so sinus infections can spread easily. Dr. Fuad Alykhan, MD at Loudoun Walk In Medical Center quickly diagnoses sinus infections. Dr. Alykhan’s team at his Ashburn, Virginia office can get you started on treatment right away, so you can get back to your regular activities. There is no appointment needed to be seen at Loudoun Walk in Medical Center.

Sinus Infection Q & A

What are the symptoms of a sinus infection?

Your sinuses are long, narrow passageways filled with air. When they become blocked though, they quickly fill up with fluid and mucus. Germs can get trapped in this blockage and quickly duplicate and spread.

Once this infection starts, you may experience:

  • Stuffy or runny nose
  • Face pain or pressure
  • Loss of smell
  • Fever or fatigue
  • Cough or congestion
  • Mouth or tooth pain

Because of the location of the infection — right in your sinuses — you could also have persistent bad breath.

Can I prevent a sinus infection?

It depends. Because sinus infection illnesses spread just like colds and flus, it’s important to wash your hands frequently throughout the day and stay well hydrated, especially during peak winter months.

Some men and women are more prone to sinus infections than others. Even if you are diligent about washing your hands and staying away from anyone who’s sick, you could have a higher risk of developing sinusitis if you have:

  • Nasal polyps
  • A deviated nasal septum
  • Severe allergies
  • Frequent colds

Smokers are also prone to developing frequent sinus infections.

If your sinus infection lasts for more than 7-10 days, or if you come down with one several times per year, talk to Dr. Alykhan. He can get to the root of why you are getting frequent sinus infections and can help treat the underlying issue.

How is a sinus infection treated?

Treating a sinus infection depends on the cause. Because it’s usually viruses that lead to sinus infections, antibiotics won’t always help. If you have a bacterial sinus infection, you may benefit from the use of antibiotics.

Dr. Alykhan could request a blood draw or collect a culture to determine the cause of your sinus infection. If your illness is a less-common bacterial or fungal sinus infection, Dr. Alykhan prescribes medications accordingly.

You could also benefit from:

  • Oral decongestants
  • Saline nasal washes
  • Humidifier or vaporizer
  • Warm facial compresses

Avoid taking over-the-counter decongestants or using nasal sprays for long periods, since they can dry out your sinuses and lead to other issues. These medications can also interact with prescription drugs, so let Dr. Alykhan know about any home remedies that you’re you are using.  

Before living another day with sinus infection or sinus pain, visit Loudoun Walk In Medical Center for an evaluation and to get started on treatment.